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 What is Skin Rejuvenation?

As you age you may find you are eager for treatments and products that make the skin look younger and fresher, banish wrinkles and lines and remove the damage from years of sun exposure and generally reduce the signs of ageing, without the need to resort to cosmetic surgery.
Sun, skin disorders, ageing and even hereditary conditions can all combine to contribute to skin irregularities on the face and elsewhere on the body.  Skin may lose tone, feel less firm and certain areas may develop cellulite.

 A Free Consultation

To find the right rejuvenation treatment for you, book a Free Consultation at Chilston Clinic and we’ll devise the perfect treatment for your individual needs, with no obligation.
Conditions that can be treated with skin rejuvenation:
This may appear as folds when the skin is not moving and deepen with facial movements or expressions.
Thermage | Pelleve | Muscle Relaxants | Dermal Fillers | Threadlifting | EDS Needling

Freckles, sun spots or other darkened patches of skin resulting from sun exposure.

As a result of acne or injury to the skin.
Fraxel | Enzyme Facials | Peels

Vascular conditions:
Blood vessels visible on the surface of the skin or even a constant flush of facial redness.
Red Vein Removal | Enzyme Facials

Loss of skin tone:
Weakening of the supportive skin structures (collagen and elastin fibres) that result in the loss of skin firmness of the development of cellulite.
Thermage | Pelleve | AQ Stem Cell Facials

Why choose us ?

At Chilston our award winning fully qualified practitioners are always on hand should you need advice or guidance when choosing which treatment will work best for you. Our on-going support comes as part of our commitment to the highest standards of care to ensure you get the best long term results.

Did you know?
In younger skin, the cells are replaced every 21-40 days. As you get older, the cells regenerate more slowly, and the rate of replacement falls by about half. As more cells accumulate on the surface, the skin can feel dense and rough with dry patches. The levels of collagen also fall. Collagen is the skin’s scaffolding, it helps to support other tissues and blood vessels and holds the skin together. The Ageing process is illustrated below:
  • Fat pads diminish
  • Volume is lost
  • Excess skin appears


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Skin Rejuvenation
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