• Creates tiny micro thermal zones (pixels) into the skin
  • We can vary the depth and coverage depending upon the skin type and condition
  • The skin will replace the tiny pixels with new skin
  • Treatments are done at monthly intervals and approximately 15 -20% of the skin is replaced with every treatment
  • Best results are generally between 3-5 sessions
The Treatment
  • A topical anaesthetic cream will be applied over the area 45 minutes prior to treatment.
  • The Fraxel handpiece, accompanied by a cool air stream, is passed over the skin multiple times in different directions to obtain appropriate coverage. 
  • After treatment Aloe Vera gel is applied to keep the skin cool and hydrated.
  • To aid the healing process, a complementary session of Dermalux Light Therapy is given.
  • Immediately after the treatment you may have some swelling and redness along with a sensation of heat, similar to sunburn.
  • A few days later you may notice some dryness and/or tightness in the skin.


Fraxel… How it works
Fraxel prices start from: £20
Course of 3 gets a discount of 15%






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Why choose us ?

At Chilston our award winning fully qualified practitioners are always on hand should you need advice or guidance when choosing which treatment will work best for you. Our on-going support comes as part of our commitment to the highest standards of care to ensure you get the best long term results.

Terms and Conditions:

Discount applies to a single treatment or course of fraxel treatment

Client must have had a consultation before treatment

Client must have a test patch to check suitability.

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